The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) reported in April 2014 that South Africa is losing the war on new HIV infections despite free condoms and awareness programmes. Half a million people became HIV positive in 2012 – almost the same as in 2005. The HSRC survey showed that there are 6.4 million people (12.2% of the population) living with HIV in South Africa. Aside from the personal trauma and costs to the fiscus of the pandemic, what impact will it have on South African NPOs seeking funding for testing, awareness and prevention? Sixty three percent of South African men do not know their status. Foreign donors, notability Pepfar and the Global Fund, have poured billions into South Africa – both to NPOs and government, to stem the HIV escalation. Local companies and trusts too have given substantially. It’s clearly not working. Why not? Has there been a lack of sound monitoring and evaluation planned into both NPO and government prevention programmes? It is of deep concern that foreign donors will have become fatigued and may well elect to partner other causes, in other countries where their funds are bringing about the changes that they want to see happen and what fundraisers said will happen – change – is taking place.