I recently emailed SA Mass Animal Sterilisation Trust (SA.MAST), an NPO doing excellent work in townships in and around Cape Town. I was impressed to see their excellent use of their ‘out of office’ email auto response:

Thank you for contacting SA.MAST. We will reply as soon as we can. In the meantime if you have any of the following items to donate to our animal welfare organisation we would be MOST appreciative:

 * Cat and dog  food

* Pet food bowls, leads & collars

* Tick & Flea Powder

* Paint for kennel building

* Nails for kennel building

* Fridge

* Pet Carriers

* Paper & Stationery

* Steel filing cabinet  x 2

* Digital cameras x 2

* Cell Phones x 2

 SA.MAST  sterilised 1870 cats and dogs from Khayelitsha in 2014. Each sterilisation with vaccination and internal and external parasite treatment costs SA.MAST R520 to perform. Please consider supporting our ESSENTIAL work: Go to www.samast.co.za for donation and support options.