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Deadline 7 August

The Arrowhead Charitable Trust aims to promote access to high-quality residential environments, with a specific focus on the inner cities of urban areas. The Trust will support initiatives that improve access to a diverse range of urban facilities including educational, health, recreational, retail services and transport. It will also support initiatives that improve the quality of public spaces in inner city residential environments, with particular emphasis on safety and cleanliness.

The Trust will consider a wide range of proposals, with the following key conditions:
• Proposals must clearly relate to public benefit activities, specifically those related to Welfare and Humanitarian; Health Care; Education and Development; and Land and Housing
• Proposals must be restricted to inner city areas/neighbourhoods (i.e. proposals focusing on township, peri-urban and rural areas will not be considered)
• Given the current funding availability of the Trust, only short-term projects (i.e. those that can be completed in less than 12 months or will not require continued funding beyond 12 months) will be considered
• Each proposal must include an explanation of how the proposed activity will clearly contribute to an improved residential environment and how this will be measured (through specific indicators to track progress towards the goal)
• Although requests of any level will be considered, those requesting less than R500 000 are more likely to be successful
• Proposals will be entertained from both non-profit and for-profit entities provided these enterprises clearly focus on public benefit activities

The application process will entail a first phase – deadline 7 August. The formal Phase One application form must be submitted. The selection process for the programme will be highly competitive and funding is not guaranteed. Only high-quality applications that address all of the Trust’s requirements will be considered.