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The South African National Lotteries Commission’s call for funding via its Distributing Agency for Sport and Recreation, is open. Deadlines are 23 or 30 November depending on the category. National Sports Federations, Provincial Federations, Affiliates to Provincial Federations & Districts may apply. Sports clubs may apply for grants of up to R300 000 but this is restricted to participation in leagues, equipment & sports apparel and administration costs (up to a maximum of 10% of the total grant).

Registered sports focused non-profits may apply for up to R500 000 for community empowerment and recreation-based sports programmes. Similar to the tightening up of its recent Arts call, this budget is only aimed at organisations that have sports-related activities as their main objectives.

The Lottery will give preference to applications from organisations that advance the interests of rural, under-privileged and poor communities (including provinces that have historically received less than the prescribed minimum allocation) and that support transformation and development.