Deadline: 1 September 2016

LAUNCH Nordic, a partnership between pioneering companies and public organisations committed to collaborative innovation in shaping a more sustainable society, is accepting applications to address this year’s challenge: Closed Loop Solutions for a future of sustainable materials and manufacturing.

This year’s theme is focused on innovations that will:
•Change how we reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle, the materials in everyday products
•Change the way we create business models and incentives surrounding closed loop solutions
•Change the way we design, establish, and operate closed loop systems.


Participation in the LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge can help mature an innovation and open doors to  new opportunities. Five finalists will participate in the LAUNCH Nordic Forum and receive focused advice from the LAUNCH Council. The Council is an international panel from some of the world’s leading businesses, academic and policy institutions and NGOs. Following the Forum, innovators will become part of the LAUNCH Accelerator process, where LAUNCH Nordic will facilitate access to and realisation of the opportunities identified at the Forum.
Eligibility Criteria

Any person, company, or organisation  worldwide can apply with an idea, technology, or business plan that specifically addresses the current LAUNCH Nordic challenge statement.

To apply: LAUNCH