The previous ‘Call for Applications’ model permitted the National Lottries Commission to accept applications only if they were submitted during a fixed window period. This long everdue un-user-friendly process has finally been rectified.

The new ‘open call’ model now means that applications will be accepted throughout the year at all NLC offices across South Africa with no closing date.
The open-call for applications will be rolled-out on:
•         Arts, Culture & National Heritage: today – 3 October 2016
•         Sport & Recreation: today – 3 October 2016
•         Charities: 1 December 2016

The open call for applications will:
•      Assist applicants to plan better
•      Allow for a continuous flow of applications spread across the year
•      Improve turnaround time in line with Government legislation
•      Assist in ensuring that each Province is allocated a minimum of 5% of the budget available per Sector.

As per the new 2015 regulations, NLC funding is categorised into Small (up to R 500 000.00), Medium (R 500 000.00 – R 5 million) and Large Grants (R 5 million to R10 million), each with its own application criteria.