Deadline: 30 April 2017

The Niwano Peace Foundation is seeking applications for its Grant Program 2017 to build a world of peace and coexistence. The Foundation makes grants in order to provide active encouragement for activities undertaken in a religious spirit and conducted in such a way as to invite broad social participation.

The Niwano Peace Foundation promotes interreligious understanding and cooperation. It also strives to strengthen cooperation among people actively making continuing efforts, in a religious spirit, to achieve a peaceful society.

Grants are for one year and are capped at 1 million Japanese yen.

Eligible applications may cover:
• Social activities based on a religious spirit
• Grass‐roots activities deployed in a local community

Eligible Projects/Activities
• Practical activities, short‐term or long‐term, directly related to peace building.
• Activities which stimulate activities not only NPOs’ own fields but also in other fields and can be creative and pioneering models for realisation of peace.

Eligibility Criteria
• An application may be made by either an individual or an organization.
• Any group which has been in continuous existence for a reasonable length of time is eligible to apply, whether or not it is legally incorporated.
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