Deadline 9 March 2018


The Prince Claus Fund is accepting concept notes for its 2018 Network Partnership Grant programme from cultural organisations in Africa. The Fund and its Partners work together from the conceptualisation of the partnership to the execution and implementation of its projects. The partnership goes beyond financial support, thriving on the creative ideas and dialogue generated between the Fund and its Partners.

Grants are provided to cultural organisations for three years and have the objectives of:
Facilitating connections to enable a Global Network that supports the local activities of cultural organisations working on freedom of expression; enabling regular exchange, cooperation and knowledge sharing with like-minded organisations from other parts of the world who are part of the Network Partnership;
Strengthening the capabilities and sustainability of organisations through financial support and by connecting them to a wider network within the Fund in order to optimise their work, outreach and impact in their regions of operation;
Enabling new local cultural initiatives that generate participation, talent development and enable local communities to express themselves.

Eligibility Criteria
To qualify, organisations must work in the field of arts and culture and development and be based in Africa.

Applicant organisations must have been in existence for least five years, (verified through annual reports and/or auditor statements). Applications from government entities will not be accepted.

Concept notes must be submitted via email at the address given on